Come with Us to Israel!

Come to Israel with Us!   

Rabbi Sharfman is leading a trip to Israel right after Sukkot/Simchat Torah, October 23-November 7! This trip features a fabulous itinerary and small group.


Visit the Fabulous Trip to Israel website, where you’ll find details, including registration information. Have questions? Email us at [email protected].

  • Please let us know once you have registered.
  • CK members receive a $200 discount; all travelers receive a discount of 5% when paying balance by check.
  • Don’t book flights until talking with Rabbi.
  • What you see here is a skeletal outline of the itinerary. Once registered, we will provide you with more details.
  • Details of the itinerary are subject to change, as always and COVID protocols likely will also change.
  • Insurance is very important! If you have any pre-existing conditions, insurance must be taken out within 21 days of registering.

Here’s what previous participants have to say:

“The bus was our home away from home and friendships were formed and bonded.
Arie was our guide who was a walking man of knowledge. My eyes saw new
sights, my tongue tasted new foods, my nose smelled delicious bakery, my
ears heard the voices of hundreds of women singing together on Shabbat at
the Kotel, my feet stood on ancient ground and walked miles. The list could
go on and on. Rabbi Bonnie was and is an extraordinary leader, clergy and
most of all friend…there is no other Rabbi I would have wanted to share
this experience with. I met new friends and took my friendships with others
to a new level. I left behind a piece of my heart, but that space is now
filled in with sweet memories of Israel.” -Congregation Kehillah
Administrator, Renee Joffe

“I was wisely advised, “If you’re thinking of visiting Israel – whether
you’ve been there before or not – you must go on a Rabbi Bonnie trip! You
will NOT be disappointed!” How true! A fabulous
itinerary…a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide…amazing
history…breathtaking sights…and Rabbi Bonnie’s lovingkindness. Don’t
miss out on this opportunity!”
-Kehillah member and YEP! teacher Bob Bessen

Between Arie and Rabbi (who was formerly an Israeli tour guide) the
experience and knowledge received are priceless. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity. – Kehillah member Mort Berkowitz

“Traveling through Israel with Rabbi [and] our group…was a marvelous,
once-in-a-lifetime journey.
The trip bound me to the land and people and refined G-d’s significance in
my life.
I wish it were Day One so I could experience it all again.”~ Kehillah member
Leona Garza

“We recently returned from a trip to Israel with Rabbi Bonnie and friends
have been asking, “So, how was your trip?” It is hard to give a succinct
response, as every aspect of our two weeks was incredible. Our experiences
ranged from visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem to jostling in the Carmel
market in Tel Aviv to exploring synagogues in Zefat to climbing Masada and
visiting the blue grottos of Rosh HaNikra. The context and history that
Rabbi Bonnie and our Israeli guide, Arie, provided were invaluable to
gaining an understanding of Jewish history and thought and the Jewish,
Hellenistic, Roman and Turkish archaeology of the country. Walking through
water tunnels dug in the City of David or sifting sands from the Temple
Mount in search of ancient artifacts (we found shards!), Rabbi Bonnie’s
passion for the country and for helping us to gain an understanding of the
deep history, spirituality, politics, and modern challenges of Israel was
irreplaceable; no guidebook or pamphlet could come close to providing the
depth of information that the Rabbi offered.
Not to mention the food. Rabbi Bonnie led us through the Jerusalem Market
(Mahane Yehuda) on a tasting tour on which we had traditional Israeli
cooking, tasted Kurdish kubbeh hamusta, and, of course, forced ourselves to
taste the many varieties of halva. The spices, fresh dates, and pastries
were awesome, as were our many dinners of Israeli, Yemeni, and Kurdish
food.” —Trip participants, Lisa & David Bessen