Core Values

In the spirit and tradition of Judaism, we welcome you to be part of KEHILLAH!

Congregation Kehillah Core Values

Shema! – Actively listening, hearing
Tikkun Olam – Healing the World
Achrye’ut – Accepting responsibility as part of the community
Derech Eretz – Treating each other respectfully
Gemilut Chasadim – Performing acts of lovingkindness
Hishtatfut – Participating in the life and work of the community
Hitorerut Nafsheet – Cultivating Spiritual Development
Hachnassat orchim – Welcoming guests
Kavannah – Developing Consciousness and acting with intentionality
Kibud – Honoring the sacredness of relationships within the community and with God
Kibud Ha-bri’ot – Caring for all of Creation, including that which appears to be separate from us, but in reality, is not
Menschlichkeit – Living Jewishly
Rodef Tzedek – Pursuing Social Justice
Rachamim – Treating others with Compassion
Shiru Shir Chadash – ‘Singing a New Song’/ Actively seeking out creative & innovative ways to live Jewishly
Talmud Torah – Life Long Learning
T’michat Yisrael – Supporting Israel
Zehut yehudit – Cultivating Jewish Identity