Religious School aka YEP! Youth Education Program and CK Tzedek Teen Initiative


Second semester dates:

January 8 & 22

February 5 & 26

March 5 & 19

April 2, 16 & 30

May 7

Please take a moment to fill out this easy to use and secure form for each child you are enrolling, Online YEP! registration form. You can pay the $125 YEP! supply fee (per child), using this link, YEP! supply fee.

YEP!, our Youth Education Program, is fun, educational, and creative – your children and grandchildren will love it. YEP! is tuition free for Kehillah member families. YEP! begins in Kindergarten and continues through High School. Our High School aged students become madrichim (helpers) and attend Hebrew High at the JCC with other local Jewish youth.

At Kehillah, Jewish education is a life-long experience.

One of the most important and unique components of our Religious School, Youth Education Program (YEP!) is our use of online learning platforms.

In the Fall of 2021, we began to use a curriculum that has been implemented in more than 230 Jewish schools across the United States. This curriculum, from Shalom Learning, will allow us to teach, enhance, and innovate with greater accuracy from grade level to grade level so that our students are learning and adding to their knowledge each year.  This is a curriculum that can be taught both online and in-person.

In addition to our classes together, students will log into the ShalomLearning portal to do activities between classes. Most of the time, these will be fun videos to watch outside of class and reflect on what your child learned.

This curriculum uses universal Jewish values including the following: Teshuvah (taking responsibility for our actions), B’tzelem Elohim (honoring the image of God in ourselves), Gevurah (using one’s inner and outer strengths), Achrayut (doing what you can to make the world a better place), HaKarat HaTov (seeking joy and being grateful), Koach HaDibbur (understanding the power of words) and Shalom (helping to create a calmer and more peaceful world). These Jewish values give the curriculum a central focus from which we can explore holidays, Israel, traditions, Torah stories, community, and ourselves.

The 4th through Middle School students will also be using Shalom Learning’s JLearnHub for Hebrew.  Through this amazing online program, the students will be able to learn the Hebrew letters, vowels, and prayers at their own pace.  Our wonderful Hebrew teachers will be guiding and assisting the students as they go through the program.  They will also be enhancing your child’s learning by meeting with your child either individually or in a small group to go over Hebrew skills, reading, and to check for understanding.

The students in grades K-3 will continue learning the Hebrew letters.  The goal for them is to recognize the letters and the sounds the letters make.  The students will review the letters they learned last year and will begin learning the remaining letters throughout the school year.

Our teachers and staff are instrumental in helping to refine and shape the lessons so that each lesson can be geared towards your individual child.  The overall curriculum, ShalomLearning forum, and jlearnhub Hebrew content is overseen by our Director of Curriculum, Dr. Stephanie Kirklin.  Please contact Renee Joffe, [email protected] with questions and comments!



Other Education Programs


Our Adult Education Program (AEP) includes Classes, Hebrew and more. Contact us for details or check back here for updates.

Call the office at 602-369-7667 or email us to learn more!


CK Tzedek Teen Initiative

The Congregation Kehillah Teen Tzedek Initiative (CKTTI) is a program for middle and high school students offered in conjunction with CK’s Youth Education Program (YEP!). The program, launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, focuses on the intersection of leadership development and social justice. The program aims to instill a love for and passion for advocacy, activism, and justice as is the responsibility of Jews as commanded in the Torah, embracing our role as partners of G-d in being an agent for change, righteousness, and tikkun olam (repairing the world). 

We are excited to announce that our teen initiative at Congregation Kehillah will take a new format in the Spring, led by our young professional staff, Madeline and Mat Sherman. We know that our teens are very focused on making the most of their high school experience to prepare for college, and we want to support them by helping them make connections to alumni and mentors from colleges. Keep reading for more details about this exciting new fellowship program!!

Level up in 2023 with the TOK! College Prep Fellowship, where you will create your college dream list, explore majors, meet professionals in your career field of choice, experience Jewish life on a college campus, learn tips to ace the application, + get matched with your own personal mentor. 



·  4 Classroom Sessions meet on Sundays 9:30am-11:45pm at Congregation Kehillah

o February 5

o March 5

o April 2

o May 7

·  2 Field trips to Hillel and career panel event- Dates TBD based on teens’ schedules

·  2 Mentor Meetings- Based on the mentor/teens schedules once assigned 

Fee: There is no fee for this program. Donations are graciously accepted to the Education Fund. 

Applications: Teens must apply! Applications close on Sunday, January 15th, so apply here now!  A detailed syllabus is attached which includes our staff bios and class topics. 

Questions? Email Madeline and Mat at or text at 602-686-3010.