Passover and Freedom

Rabbi is putting chocolate* and a tomato on her seder table!

At Kabbalat Shabbat, Rabbi Sharfman spoke about freedom, the Jewish imperative and the staggeringly huge human slavery industry (billions every year). How many slaves work for you?

The tomato is in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (Florida) where most of our fall-spring tomatoes come from.
Much of our chocolate comes from places with documented child slavery, particularly the Ivory Coast, the world’s leading supplier of cacao

Both are about human rights – raising consciousness on what goes on our tables and the sources of our food

Passover is more than a great family time around the table. It’s all about freedom. Not just for ourselves. 27 million human beings today are in slavery!
This year, let’s learn more and take action:
Where does slavery exist in the world today and what can we each do about it?

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*the kosher for Passover, pareve, fair-trade type