The following was forwarded from a good friend of Rabbi Sharfman’s in Israel

Dear Family and Friends,

Please assist.

A Facebook page was created calling for a 3rd “Intifada” on Israel. For those unfamiliar with this term they are calling for the Arab world to take over Israel by force.  The last Intifada resulted in 18 deadly terror bombings and hundreds of Israelis (both Jews and Arabs) maimed and murdered. The number of people clicking on the “Like” button is increasing every hour
(yesterday they had 125,000 likes, this morning 140,000+ ). We MUST
ensure Facebook is aware of this page.

Please click on the link below and scroll down the left side of the page where you will see (under where it shows how many people like it) a “Report Page”
link. Select that option and choose “Contains hate speech”.!/Palestinian.Intifada

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should still forward this to others