Honorary Support

From: $450.00 every 3 months for 12 months





Standard dues help Kehillah pay for approximately half of its annual costs. Honorary Supporters are those who have the ability to contribute above and beyond the standard dues, and help us to sustain and build our Kehillah.
We literally could not do what we do without you
and are so grateful for your generosity!
Endowing Partner: Malach (Angel)
The highest level of contribution to the Congregation.
$450/month to $5400/year
Sustaining Partner: Manhig (Leader)
A larger contribution for those especially committed to supporting Kehillah.
$300/month to $3600/year
Supporting Partner: Shomer (Guardian)
The first level of Honorary Support, for those who wish
to provide additional financial support for the Congregation.
$150/month to $1800/year

Additional information

Support Level

Endowing Partner: Malach (Angel), Sustaining Partner: Manhig (Leader), Supporting Partner: Shomer (Guardian)

Payment Plan

Monthly, Quarterly, Annual