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From: $92.70 every 3 months

* A 3% credit card convenience fee has been added






Membership details for 2024/25

Basic Membership:
Family (Two or more living in the same household):
CYKA:  Congregation Kehillah Young Adults is an effort to give “post college pre family” young adults a synagogue to belong to and a community to join like-minded peers.
CYKA Individual (Up to age 36, no children iin YEP!:
CYKA Couple (Up to age 36, no children in YEP!:

* A 3% credit card convenience fee is already added

Semi-annual is one payment upon sign up and balance due on December 15th.

Quarterly is 4 payments starting with the first upon sign up; October 15th, 20234 January 15th and April 15th, 2025.

We encourage all congregants to pay by either a personal check or through your bank. Understandably many of you have chosen to pay using your credit card through our secure website so you can earn either cash back or travel points through your credit card company. In the past, Congregation Kehillah has paid out numerous dollars in merchant fees. If you wish to continue paying using your credit card, you will be charged an extra 3% to defray the credit card fees charged to Congregation Kehillah.


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